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Lois Mailou Jones


Full Name: Lois Mailou Jones
November 3, 1905 – June 9, 1998
Notable: Artist
Nationality: American


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Lois Mailou Jones was a visual artist whose talent first appeared in her childhood drawings. Encouraged by her parents, Jones went on to study at various Boston art schools. She began her teaching career at the Palmer Memorial Institute, a Black prep school in North Carolina, where she was hired to create and develop the art department. Jones later joined the faculty at Howard University and taught several notable Black artists over the next 47 years.

Jones spent summers with her family in Martha’s Vineyard and interacted with many artists there. She took a one-year sabbatical in Paris where she studied and enjoyed the freedom from the blatant racism that she experienced in America. Following Jones’ marriage to Haitian artist, Louis Vergniaud Pierre-Noël, the couple began making annual trips to Haiti. Over the years, Lois Mailou Jones’ art showed the influence of her experiences and travels.


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