Media Noire shares and discusses Black history and literature from a Noire perspective.

Noire History produces educational entertaining multimedia content that features historical tidbits and motivational stories from across the Black diaspora. I believe Black history is a part of global history and shouldn’t be confined to the shortest month but rather studied and celebrated all 366 days of the year. One of my goals is to place special focus on lesser-known Black notable figures and historical facts in hopes of shining a light on people who have been somewhat forgotten by time and events that are usually overlooked in history books.

Major Themes

  • Pride

    Embracement of the black experience and culture.

  • Excellence

    Celebration of noteworthy achievements by past and present notable black figures.

  • Power

    Exploration of political, social, and economic movements aimed at black self-determination.

Formats & Platforms

I’m experimenting with offering content in a few different formats to get an idea of preferred mediums. I’ll give it some time before deciding on the formats to keep. The frequency of updates may increase in the future once everything is up and running smoothly.


Who: You prefer to read online.
Where: Noire Histoir Blog
When: Once per week, typically on Tuesday.

Audio (Podcast)

Who: You want to listen while driving, doing chores, or otherwise multi-tasking.
Where: iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.
When: Wednesday morning.

Video (YouTube)

Who: You like to kick back, watch, and listen.
Where: Noire Histoir YouTube Channel
When: Thursday around 2PM.


Who: A wrap-up of all the content that’s been released during the week.
Where: Signup here or via the form in the right sidebar and I’ll send them straight to your email inbox.
When: Once per week, typically on Sunday.

Social Media

Who: You’re looking for motivational pick-me-ups throughout the day and instant updates.
When: Generally several times per day but the frequency for individual profiles will vary.

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Natasha, a marketing professional by day and a voracious reader at all other times. I was born and raised in New York City and developed an appreciation of storytelling from listening to tales of family members’ exploits as mischievous children in the Caribbean and early experiences as immigrants in the United States.

As a child, I frequently got in trouble for speeding through or abandoning my classwork to spend time lost in the pages of some random book. Over the years, the list of my hobbies and interests has grown in breadth and depth but my joy in reading has remained constant.

By 2015, I’d read several books by Black authors and about Black history. However, I began recording and rating the books I was reading on Goodreads and was amazed by the quantity and quality of recommendations that I began receiving. I found several of the books to be incredibly inspiring and wanted a way to share these finds, get more recommendations, and have two-way discussions with other readers who had similar interests. I was also searching for an outlet that would allow me to exercise and expand my content and digital marketing skills.

I began working on the idea for Noire Histoir in 2016 and launched in February 2017.