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Up until now, I’ve been creating reviews about books, movies, and museums related to Black history. But moving forward, I’d like to expand the amount and types of content to focus on not just Black history from the past but Black history in the making. The first step will be interviewing Black people about their career journeys and work philosophies.

Example of a Completed Interview

Blog Post

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What To Expect

The interview is comprised of six sections:

  1. Background / You as a Kid
  2. School / training
  3. Early career
  4. Current career
  5. Your future
  6. Bonus round (books, people [famous or only known to you], and/or events that have motivated, inspired, or otherwise shaped you or your career)

The questions are completely about you and your experiences. I want the interviews to be as natural and honest as possible so there’s no need to rehearse. The interview is meant to be a positive experience for both the interview subject and audience so the tone will be relaxed and conversational.

The interview is about your professional life so I won’t focus on your personal life unless it’s played a large role in your career path and inspiration. I have a general list of questions that I work from but your responses guide the interview and determine the follow-up questions.

How To Prepare

  • The interview takes about one hour and can be done over Skype. You won’t need any special equipment beyond a smartphone or computer with a webcam.
  • You can choose whatever setting you’d like as long as it’s quiet so there won’t be a lot of background noise or interruptions.
  • Right before the interview begins, please place your phone on vibrate or silent and silence any other notifications.
  • There’s no need to dress up or go out of your way appearance wise. Simply wear your usual work attire or whatever makes you comfortable.
  • I’ll do a bit of research about you and will review your LinkedIn profile as part of my prep for the interview. But, I’d welcome a bio, headshot, video, links (ex: website, social media, etc.), or any other info that would add to the interview and it’s accompanying blog post.

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