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“Waiting to Exhale” is a classic from the 1990s black film canon. Based on Terry McMillan’s 1992 bestseller, the film was released in 1995 directed by Forest Whitaker and featured an all-star cast of female leads which included Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon, Loretta Divine, and Whitney Houston.

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Ain’t I a Woman by Bell Hooks explores the impact of racism and sexism on Black women. Not as separate factors but through the lens of intersectionality. The book charts the history of how “sexism operates both independently of and simultaneously with racism to oppress us” (Black women).

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Your Money and Your Man was written by financial writer and television host, Michelle Singletary. The book offers women some financial advice for life in general but focuses on dating/courtship, marriage, and raising kids. The advice in Your Money and Your Man won’t apply to everyone but it’s helpful to know what the different options are and how to select what’s right for you. The breakdowns in each chapter explain how to take action on the advice offered and are very useful.

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