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“Hollywood Shuffle” is a 1987 satirical film directed by Robert Townsend that uses comedy to provide commentary on the stereotypical roles and portrayals of Black people in film and television. Bobby Taylor (Townsend) is an aspiring actor living with his family and working at a hot dog stand while hoping for his big break. He goes through the process of auditioning for the lead role in “Jivetime Jimmy’s Revenge” excited about the idea of becoming a big star and the money and changes it will bring for his family. But the experience also exposes him to the industry’s prejudiced beliefs about Black people and leads to questions about his morals and integrity.

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On a basic level, “The Spook Who Sat By the Door” is a book about Dan Freeman, a man who becomes the first Black officer in the CIA and later uses his knowledge to work with members of a gang in Chicago. But, on a deeper level Dan’s journey is used to explore the question of what’s the best way forward for Black people during this early period of integration.

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