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“Tina” is a 2021 HBO documentary about the life and career of Anna Mae Bullock better known as Tina Turner. The film covers her tumultuous marriage and professional relationship with Ike Turner that was plagued by domestic violence and other various forms of abuse. It also touched on how her childhood abandonment by her parents filled her with feelings of being unwanted and unloved. It’s a terrible story. And I hate to sound cliché but it’s also incredibly inspiring due to her desire to overcome those obstacles and seeing her achieve her dreams of creating a better life for herself.

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A profile of Louis Armstrong, a legendary jazz musician who toured the world playing the trumpet and singing with his signature raspy voice.

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“I Put a Spell on You” is an autobiography about the life and career of Eunice Waymon, a singer, songwriter, and pianist known professionally as Nina Simone. Unlike typical autobiographies, you get the sense that the book was likely created from interviews that she had with her co-author. And because of that, the book has a very informal tone that makes you feel like you’re sitting down and having a regular conversation with her as she tells you her life story.

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A profile of Ma Rainey, a blues singer and songwriter whose prodigious output and distinct delivery established her as an early legend in the genre.

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If you’re interested in learning about the musician turned songwriter and music publisher who is considered the godfather of the blues, my W.C. Handy Black History Short is for you.

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