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“Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise” is the first feature documentary about the life and legacy of Maya Angelou. Having began her creative career as a singer and dancer, Angelou later rose to to higher prominence as a poet and writer. Her illustrious career as a memoirist began with the classic “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. The Peabody Award winning documentary serves as a visual accompaniment to her collection of memoirs by telling the story of Angelou’s life with her voice and through photographs and video clips.

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If you’re interested in learning about the psychologist who helped design “The Doll Test” and co-founded the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, then my Mamie Phipps Clark Black History Facts profile is for you.

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“Sugar” by Bernice McFadden is the story of a world-weary prostitute who moves to a small town in Arkansas and forms an unlikely and transformational friendship with her neighbor. Sugar Lacey arrives in Bigelow, Arkansas looking for, if not change, then a break from her life. Strutting into town sporting makeup, wigs, high heels, and vibrant big city clothing makes the local women uncomfortable with Sugar’s presence. But one woman, Pearl Taylor, makes it her duty to befriend Sugar when she moves into the house next door.

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