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Since moving to Atlanta and launching Noire Histoir in 2016 I’ve visited several Black History sites within Atlanta and neighboring states. Having journeyed to Montgomery, Alabama twice I passed Tuskegee along the way and made a mental note to visit at some point. I finally had a chance to visit in the late summer and spent part of the day on the Tuskegee University campus and the rest of the day visiting other sites.

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A profile of The Clotilda and Africatown. The Clotilda is believed to be the ship that brought the last group of enslaved people to America from Africa. Africatown was later founded by surviving members of this group following emancipation.

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I recently took a day trip to Birmingham as part of my goal to visit as many Southern cities as possible while living in Atlanta. I was attracted to visiting the city by its role in the history of the Civil Rights Movement and also the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute was founded in 1992 and is located in Birmingham’s historic Civil Rights District.

Places To Visit