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A profile of Lewis Howard Latimer, a self-taught draftsman and inventor who made contributions to seven patents and improved the Edison light bulb.

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“Born a Crime” is about Trevor Noah’s life and how the coupling of his Black Xhosa mother and White Swiss-German father was against the law during apartheid. How his appearance as a mixed child meant his parents had to disguise their relationship to him when in public. And then how he later navigated growing up in South Africa during a major period of change. The book is about Noah’s coming of age but it’s also about South Africa, apartheid, and the period in time when Black people began to receive and exercise their rights as citizens.

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A profile of The Clotilda and Africatown. The Clotilda is believed to be the ship that brought the last group of enslaved people to America from Africa. Africatown was later founded by surviving members of this group following emancipation.

Black History Profile

“When They See Us” was created, directed, and produced by Ava Duvernay for Netflix. The miniseries tells the story of the Central Park Five. Five teens from Harlem who were wrongfully convicted and later exonerated for the brutal physical assault and rape of Trisha Meili in 1989. The teens were Kevin Richardson (14), Raymond Santana (14), Antron McCray (15), Yusef Salaam (15), and Korey Wise (16).

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A profile of Dr. Patricia E. Bath, one of the first Black ophthalmologists and inventor of a laser that removes cataracts which made her the first female African-American doctor to receive a patent for a medical instrument.

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