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Becoming a Travel Registered Nurse with Jeremy Ellis

Episode Summary

In this episode of the career interview series, we are joined by Jeremy Ellis, a Travel Registered Nurse. While he was born in Alabama, Jeremy moved a lot during his childhood and at times lived in Texas and Florida. He experienced a period of stability as a college student studying nursing at Auburn University.

As a child, Jeremy dealt with health issues that required regular visits to the doctor. A nurse took the time to make him feel welcomed and comfortable and that experience combined with watching General Hospital motivated him to become a nurse. Jeremy shares the details of how he navigated nursing school as well as how his childhood prepared him for a career that requires frequent moves.


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Key Takeaways

  • Be the change you seek in the world. As a Black person, you might be the only or one of a few Black people in an academic setting or work environment which can feel a bit isolating. Support and participate in meaningful programs and initiatives to attract diverse candidates. Advocate for being inclusive and go out into your community to increase awareness of programs, share your experiences, and offer guidance.
  • Test scores are important and you should certainly try to do your best to get a great score the first time. But, don’t be discouraged if you make an honest effort and fail on your first try. Buckle down, study, and try again. There are countless stories of people failing nursing exams, bar exams, etc. on the first try only to pass on their second or third attempt and then going on to have successful careers. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adjusting your study method and when you find a method that works you can share those tips with others.
  • It can be intimidating to enter a new environment, whether as a new college grad or simply a new position. But, don’t question your right to be there and don’t compare yourself to others who may have more experience or accomplishments. You can certainly look at their career paths and try to learn from the moves they’ve made. Don’t be that new person that thinks they know everything. But, realize that you can still contribute.
  • In some environments, doing things differently can be regarded as doing them wrong. Take the time to understand what’s expected of you and check-in to be sure that you’re meeting expectations. If there’s a disconnect it might be a good idea to sit down with your manager to assess what adjustments should be made.

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